3–12 April 2010

Silent Nights
Film screenings

Action (3–5 April)
Clare Rae, Wait (2009)
Kate Woodcroft, Not a Collaboration (2009)
Lauren Brown, To get a bit of bloody peace (2010)

Time (6–9 April)
Donna McRae, Dreamland (2009)
Damiano Bertoli, Continuous Moment 1969:2001 (2001)
Fiona Williams, Untitled (River) (2008)
Cyrus Tang, Remote Nation (2008)

Narrative (10–12 April)
Kieran Boland, You Carnt (2009), and:
I still get that same old felling... (2009)
Rendall and Spier, How the dead live (2009)
Candice Cranmer, Futile Gesture No 5 (2009)


Silent Nights Poster

video: Candice Cranmer,  photography: Clare Rae

video: Damiano Bertoli,  photography: Clare Rae