8 July - 24 July 2011

XYZ (Natasha Johns-Messenger and Leslie Eastman)
Synoptic 11

Under the working title XYZ, artists Natasha Johns-Messenger and Leslie Eastman have collaborated for over 6 years on five major projects.

The artists share common interest in the role of expectation in framing our experience of reality. They have produced works in which the audience’s encounter with the installation is the site and subject of the work. This testing of the frame of perception is achieved through a broad range of multidisciplinary approaches, including architecturally scaled mirrored interventions, immersive mist environments, kinetic interactive sculptural pieces and video.

For Synoptic 11 XYZ return to their interest in activated spectatorship in which viewers encounter the frame of their own worldview through the use of worn video headgear. The work explores the role of technology as a generator of veracity, of images of the 'Real', and of the gallery as an arena in which audience and artwork are conflated.


Opening Drinks 6-9 pm Friday 8 July