16 April – 1 May 2011

Jordan Baseman (UK), Damiano Bertoli (AUS),
Si Sapsford (UK), Kit Wise (AUS); curated by Kit Wise

When the Dead help the Living

When the Dead help the Living presents new work by two London-based and two Melbourne-based artists addressing ideas of the witness and the archive through the use of digital media.


Testimony takes place where the speechless one makes the speaking one speak and where the one who speaks bears the impossibility of speaking in his own speech, such that the silent and the speaking, the inhuman and the human enter into a zone of indistinction [...]

The survivor and the Muselmann, like the tutor and the incapable person and the creator and his material, are inseparable; their unity-difference alone constitutes testimony.

- Remnants of Auschwitz: The Witness and
the Archive, Giorgio Agamben


Opening drinks: 6–8pm, Friday 15 April 2011

[Please note there will be roadworks and expected delays in High St Northcote until 7pm]